Surfboard Trays

Surfin Usa with Sushi!

Resin Wave Troughs and Vases

Resin Troughs and Vases, Food Safe & Water Tight!

Sphere Platter

When Shell fell in love with Marine Blue! WOW!

Bubble Trays, Tangerina & Grey

Just like glass, but it's RESIN

Wild Fusion...Ebony and Shell meet halfway

Ultra fun new technique, pouring two colors and seeing where they meet. No two pieces are alike!

Bath Accessories in Grey Marble

Our diverse collection of bath accessories sit nicely in many environments!

Resin Oval and Rectangle Trays in Tortoise

Another new and unique translucent texture we've created in resin. It sits beautifully in both traditional and modern environments!

Resin Jagged Edge Tray 18" D

Our carved texture is made to emulate wood perfectly, but since it's resin it's completely food safe and durable!

Resin Wave Round Bowls in Shell & Tangerine

These new beauties are perfect for any table!

Our Circle Bowls range from 10" to 20" Diameter, they sit beautifully in both modern or contemporary settings.

Resin Circle Bowl 20" D in Tortoise

Our carved resin texture in espresso defines KMD, made to look like wood, but it's not...durable and completely food safe.

Scoop Bowl in Espresso Resin

About Us

Kenny Mack Resin...unique designs for the table & beyond...

Kenny Mack's Resin designs have been delighting consumers and hospitality pro's since 2010.

Working primarily in Resin, these designs are handmade, no two pieces are alike.

Commercial Grade, Food & Dishwasher Safe, Mack's designs are unlike anything currently seen in the hospitality and home decor industry.

Each design is carefully molded by hand. Texture is then added either though intricate blends of color or by carving the molds to look like wood, stone or glass.

Durable    Food Safe     Dishwasher Safe    Shatter Proof & Break Resistant

Kenny Mack Resin Designs welcomes you to Functional, Durable Beauty!

Functional Resin designs for the table & beyond.....

  • *Food Safe  *Dishwasher Safe  

*Handmade  *Commercial Grade

 4 Reasons to love Kenny Mack

Flexible Functional Transitional & Durable


Because it’s resin, we are able to sculpt a wide array of textures & shapes by hand without the use of machines or tooling


Our designs sit beautifully in both traditional and contemporary settings


Not only beautifully unique, our resin is food safe and can be used to serve both cold & room temperature foods. And it's dishwasher safe too!


Resin is a versatile material allowing  for an unlimited use of texture, color,  and shapes

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